Candy Crush is the new game sensation that can be played on your mobile, online or on your tablet. The game keeps millions of people busy worldwide and in the Netherlands it is also played by more and more people. The goal per level is different each time so you might get stuck sometimes. With our cheat you can continue playing easily and you do not have to get frustrated. The game is similar to Three in a Row and has a lot of similarities with the old Bejewld.

Goals and various levels

The makers of the game have made sure that Candy Crush players remain challenged, wanting to reach the following level. No single level is the same and sometimes the levels are pretty difficult, so difficult even that it is sometimes almost impossible reach the next level. You will get stuck and will need to purchase something within the game to get on. We have a solution for this by offering you a cheap cheat which gives you unlimited access to boosters, lives and spells to make perfect combinations and move on in the game. With this cheat you prevent expensive purchases within the game and profit from the cheat, which we created.

Next to the fact that Candy Crush is a great game, it also keeps you thinking and helps keeping your brain sharp and active. It is more than a game and you have to be clever and fast to play the most challenging combinations. Sometimes, when you are not fast enough, you get a hint from the game but still you get stuck sometimes. With our hack you can always go on and it continues to be a good game for your brain and also a game which is fun to play and does not frustrate you.

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Candy Crush saga online

You must have heard from family and friends about Candy Crush, a game that seems to be played by anyone. It is a contemporary version of Bejewled, it is only made with candies and it is much better than the older version. The game itself is very addictive and it is difficult to stop playing once you start, just because it is so great to play. The game is available online but you can also download it so that you can play the game anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, there are some levels that are quite challenging and that is when you get stuck in the game. You could make a purchase in the game but these are relatively expensive, so we have the best solution: A cheat, which can be bought for a one-time only amount but is used to play on with endless lives, boosters and spells, never be stuck again. In this way the game stays interesting and you do not get frustrated with it.

When you do not want others to talk about Candy Crush and you cannot chat along, you need to start playing the biggest craze there is, now. More than 65 million people are playing it at the moment and it is therefore the most popular game.


Not that long ago we discovered the game Candy Crush and in no time my friends and I were addicted to it. There has been a problem: even with playing for a long time we were still stuck and could not reach the next level and that was not fun. So we came up with a cheat for the game so that we had endless lives, spells and boosters available and in this way you can continue playing the game. It has been great sharing this cheat and that is what we are now doing with you as well. You can download our cheat from our website and afterwards play the game on Facebook with all extras. This is working much better than asking anyone on Facebook for additional lives.

There are a lot of tips and tricks which can be found online but we have really good tips for Candy Crush that we would like to share with you. You can set the time forward and then you get lives. That is fun but also annoying and it is time-consuming. With us you get endless lives and you do not need to run anything but just download the cheat. This can be done from here. But be careful: you can continue playing now all the time and it adds to your addiction and then in the end you will be playing even more.